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Molecular and Cellular Biologist

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Date de dernière connexion : 2018-04-09

Monsieur Er... O...


91270 Paris

Situation actuelle:

Secteur d'activité actuel : Diesse Diagnostica Senese S.p.a.

Taille de l'entreprise : 101 à 1000 salariés

Fonction actuelle : Molecular and Cellular Biologist

Nombre d'années à ce poste : 1 à 2 ans

Nombre de personnes sous mes ordres : 0

Salaire annuel : 0.00 EUR

Expérience Totale : 1 à 2 ans

Disponibilité : Disponibilité immédiate

Poste recherché:

Fonctions: biological laboratory technician / researcher, ,

Secteur d'activité: GSK, ,

Type de contrat souhaité: CDI, CDD, CDD Intermittent, Interim, Agent

Temps de travail souhaité: Temps plein, Temps partiel, En alternance, Journalier, Saisonnier, Travail le WE

Salaire Annuel Minimum / Souhaité: 0.00 / 0.00 EUR

Etudes :

Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+5

Dernier diplome : master's degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+5

Autres Formations :

Divers :

Mobilité : nc

Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés Microsoft Office (Word, Exel and Power Point) scientific database (PubMed – NCBI, UniProt, Swiss-Prot)

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux Certificate of National IFTS Qualification as a Maintenance/technician of Diagnostic Equipment Financed by the Tuscan region

Langues Italien : Langue maternelle
Anglais : Courant
Français : Intermédiaire

CV :

Monsieur Er... O...


91270 Paris

Nationality: Italian

PROFESSIONAL PURPOSE: Build my professional career
in the field
of the biological research and production of diagnostics devices
I am a molecular and cellular biologist with a strong
passion for the business
reality in the development an
d production area. I apply myself fully to the
work I have to do and I am very motivated to achieve
new purposes. I like to learn new ideas and concepts and to increase
my knowledgeEDUCATION
  • 26 Jun 2017: State Exam for Professional Biologist License University of Siena - Department of Life
  • Nov 2014–Apr 2017: Master's degree in Molecular and Cellular
    Biology University of Siena
  • May 2014–Jun 2015: Certificate of National IFTS Qualification as a Maintenance/Technician
    of Diagnostic Equipment financed by the Tuscan region Siena (Italy)
  • Oct 2010–Apr 2014: Bachelor's
    degree in Biology, University of Siena

Communication organizational skills:
  • Excellent
    relational and communication skills acquired during internships at Diesse
    Diagnostica Senese S.p.a. and Vismederi Srl. These experiences made me realize
    the importance of working as a team. Confronting and listening to ideas are the
    necessary conditions for a good teamwork..
  • Excellent
    ability to relate with the public gained
    during my experience as a restaurant operator (waiter at the Winehouse
    "Enotequa" in Palermo and in a fast food named "Peterland"
    in Siena) as well as a postal carrier at "Poste Italiane".
  • Problem-solving:
    good inclination at analyzing problematic situations and then coming up with the most suitable solution through various methods

Job-related skills:
  • Good knowledge of Elisa test acquired during the
    internship period at Diesse trough the
    of an Autosampler to match the
    Chorus Tools and the validation of the softwareusing Toxoplasma Gondii
    IgG and Rubella IgM’skit.
  • Good
    Knowledge of calibration and maintenance of laboratory instruments such as
    micropipettes and precision scales acquired
    during the internship period at Vismederi.
  • Main
    techniques and activities for Elisa Test: serum dilutions, conjugate treatment, induction of the Ab / Ag-binding process, tracing of the Ab Ag-immune complex by antibodies, mass spectrometry detection with Tetramethylbenzidine (TMB),

Lettre de candidature

Monsieur Er... O...


91270 Paris

Molecular and Cellular Biologist

Application for the open position as biologist

I am writing to apply for the biologist
technician position advertised on, I would be very
interested in applying and I believe I would make an immediate and positive
impact as the next member of your team.

The opportunity presented in this listing is
very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical experience and
education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. The key
strengths that I possess for success in this position include:

  • · Previously, worked as a
    “Molecular Biologist and Maintenance technician” in laboratories of medical
    devices for Diesse Diagnostica Senese Spa and Vismederi Srl.
  • · Partial fulfilled a (Master
    Degree) Thesis dissertation in “Realization of an Autosampler for matching the
    Chorus Tools” in which, I collaborate with an Expert team (Diesse Diagnostica
    Spa) on Both Hardware and Software Validation.
  • · I have Wrote the State exam
    for “Professional Biologist Licence” on June 26th and secured a Positive
  • · I strive for continued

With my Master’s Degree in “Molecular and
Cellular Biology” and a desire to put my skills and training to work for your
laboratory located on the campus of Cordeliers (Paris, France). The research of
different approach for blood diseases is a very interesting field and
opportunity and I look forward to advancing my career in this profession, which
is something I believe I can do with your laboratory.

My education, skills and experience match the
description of the required qualifications in your posting. I understand the
different stages of testing and inspecting products to ensure that only the
best quality is allowed to pass. Once the tests are complete, I have the
ability to evaluate and record my findings and then to efficiently communicate
these results to the proper departments.

As a result, I can work closely with a team of
technicians to ensure all details are covered, before determining if the item
passes quality inspection.

I have enclosed my CV which details my
experience, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me
and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Monsieur Er... O

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